Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In His Eyes

I love when you first meet someone and in a short amount of time, they say something so touching that you feel it deep in your soul. I love that this new person in your life, who for all intent and purposes is a stranger, can open your eyes to something that you may have never noticed before. Something that you may have sometimes wondered about. And I love that this person can make you stop and say a silent prayer to the 'Big Man Upstairs" for all he has given you in life . . . and in love.

I spent a couple days this past weekend at a lovely Scrapbook event at a nearby Double Tree Inn. My friend Kim, a Creative Memories Consultant, participates in it with a number of her consultant friends, and I have watched her talk about it on Facebook for years. When she posted about the March weekend coming up, it sounded like a good time for me to take advantage of it and attend. I have never done a long weekend of scrapbooking like that before. And while I did get a lot done, the weekend was more an opportunity to get away and just create, than anything else. I didn't know anyone else other than my friend Kim, and felt a little out of my element when I first arrived . . . but in no time I felt welcomed. I met a wonderful group of ladies . . . and one in particular I am most grateful for.

Phil and the girls drove to the hotel on Saturday morning, and spent the day swimming, shopping at a nearby mall, going bowling and having dinner out. It made me feel less guilty about spending the weekend away from them - since they were really there with me at the hotel, and allowed me to sneak little visits with them here and there. For a few minutes, they tip-toed into the conference room where I was to see what it was all about, and to meet a few of my new friends. They visited with us for a brief time, then went on their way to their next adventure. And when I returned to my table after they left, my new friend Kelli was the one who changed my life. Truly. In a split second.

"Wow,"  Kelli said. "He loves you. Like, he really loves you." 

"I'm sorry?" I asked, totally taken back and not sure if she was talking to me or someone else.

"Your husband," she continued, "you can see it in his eyes when he looks at you. How he looks at you. He is in love with you." 

She said a few more things that I just can't recall . . . but each one touched my heart deeply.

I don't remember if her eyes were starting to fill up with tears, or just mine. But those words . . . those were some of the kindest words ever said to me.

After 15 years of marriage, it would be wrong for me to say I never questioned it. Wait . . .  that doesn't sound right - let me try it again. I know that my husband loves me. I know it. But after 15 years, two children, hectic schedules of comings and goings, busy jobs that lead to frequent business travel, losing a job (me), following dreams (me), illnesses, keeping a house running, countless bills, crazy family ups and downs, and all the other things that everyone else in the world deals with . . . there are times, unfortunately, when you forget about the love.

Yes, it all runs like a well-oiled machine, but sometimes you forget to stop and look at what really keeps that machine going.


It's the Love.

I adore my husband with my whole heart. He is a goofball. It is often very hard to get him to be serious about things that need serious conversation. He's loud. He can really get the girls going (and it's usually right before bed time when I am trying to calm them down). He drives like a Nascar driver (but often forgets that he is really driving a Camry.) He is d.e.l.i.c.a.t.e when it comes to his own ailments, but sometimes still expects me to move mountains when I have one of my own. And can even drive me crazy.

But he is a good man. He has a heart of gold. He would truly do anything for anyone, and he is the very best father I have ever seen.

I love him more than I have ever loved another.

And, he loves me.

It's in his eyes.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, Kelli . . . for saying those words to me that afternoon. There really is no telling as to why certain people come into our lives. I have a feeling why you came into mine, and I am most grateful. In those few minutes when you reminded me how much I was loved, I, too, was reminded of how much I love. And that is a very wonderful thing.

Big hugs, my friend. I am glad to know you.

And to everyone else, Peace . . . and Love.


  1. This made me smile. What a beautiful encounter, both with your friend and with your eye opening experience. LOVE it...

  2. He does love you, as you do him. I saw it, too ... :)


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