Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I love to say "thank you" to people. Actually, my favorite phrase is "thank you SO much!", with extra emphasis on the "so", because that's just how I roll. I use it as often in my daily life as possible. To the barrista at Starbucks who hands me my coffee, to the bagger at the grocery store who loads my shopping bags into my cart. To the stranger at a four-way-stop who lets me take a turn before them. The simple expression is one I say from my whole heart, and one that I hope to never forget for as long as I live.

Thank you SO much.

I like to thank my daughters, too, each morning as I gently wake them to start their day. I know that Katie is old enough to set her alarm clock and wake herself up, but there is something so special to me about those first moments when starting the day, that I choose to be the one to gentle welcome her into the land of the living. "Thank you for being my daughter," I tell her. The same with Ella, who will always reply, "thank you for being my mommy." I love thanking them. Even though they had no choice in joining my world . . . the choice to send them to my life was made for them . . . I still want them to know how very grateful I am that they are in my life - each and every day.

I think we often forget to thank each other. We take words and actions for granted, as if they are owed to us, or are expected. They are not. They are truly the simplest form of human contact, and one that I have learned through the years - can make you feel so good.

I had my Holiday Open House at my home last Saturday. Out in the open, exposed for all to see, was my art work. My paintings, my ornaments, the jewelry I've made, the composition books I've decorated, all of it. It's always one of the most worrisome days of my life - an Open House at my home. I am fairly certain that I have that Mary Tyler Moore Syndrome, where I am most certain no one will show up to the Open House, or that those who do will be utterly disappointed by my offerings. And let's face it, when you are releasing your art to the world, it's almost like standing naked in a crowded room full of family and friends . . . for all of them to see.

Yes, it's a little scary.

I don't have a single picture of the day. Because I was so wrapped up in the moment, that the idea of stopping to take a picture never crossed my mind.

Friends I haven't seen in 24 years came (thank you, Fiona and Renee!) Friends I've just met weeks before came (thank you, Nicole!) Friends of friends came to see what it was about (thank you, Nadine!) My true and trusted friends came, as always, to support this life I am living (thank you Peggy, Kathleen, Mary, Jorie, Karen, Pam, and so many, many more). Family came, as always, to remind me that they believe in me (thank you Laura, Mom, Rita, Lill, Vicki, Laura, Helen, and those I may have forgotten.)

I was overcome with emotion.

From my whole soul.

And I am grateful.

So very, very grateful.

Because I recognize that making a decision to come to someone's house is a big one. We all have pretty crazy days and lives, and I recognize how busy people are. I also recognize the value of a dollar. The fact that people would come and spend their dollar (or two, or three) on something that I created makes my heart just swell. It does.

My friend Fiona shared this little sentiment with me last month. I felt as if I could have written it myself . . . it's exactly how I feel about what I do.

That's it. Exactly.

I am so grateful I have been able to unleash the artist in me, that I have been able to make so many things (more than I ever imagined), and that I have watched my art make it's way into the homes and hearts of so many.


Big time.



  1. I love that quote!!!! How do we get it up on facebook??? So glad I came that day. I have my canvas with coffee cups right next to, very original, the coffee pot. I think of you every morning and the sentiment on it makes me so happy. Thank you for being an artist, for sharing your view of the world, for being you.

  2. SOOO well said Leanne!! If I lived by you...I would SO be there to support my sweet friend. You continue to inspire me with your thoughtfulness towards your daughters to your art and your writing. You are a beautiful Soul Leanne!!!


  3. I'm proud of you and happy for you. (And I just wrote a similar post called "Thankful!") :-)

    Happy holidays Leanne.


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