Monday, December 12, 2011

Magnificent Monday Vlog #9!

What a fast week that one was! Congratulations, again, to Yenta Mary . . . the winner of last weeks give away! I've got two really fun stories that I'm sharing on this weeks Vlog, so I hope you stick around and watch them. I'm fairly sure they'll leave you with a smile!

Have a wonderful week, dear friends. I'll be back soon with more!!!



  1. Love the new Christmas blog look Leanne and you are a great Vlogger. :)

  2. Have I mentioned lately that I just adore you????? You're the peaches girlie!

  3. Amazing story - Ella I am sure was soooo happy!!!

  4. Those are two fabulous stories!!!

  5. What a fabulous story!!! I wanted to do my Kermit arm-waving "YAY!!!" when you got to the end of it! And I have to say, I love the vlogs - it's as though we're sitting over a cup of coffee and chatting. Gotta get myself to Chicago so we can do it for real ... :)

  6. The Christmas spirit is alive and well!! What a gift that man gave by going above and beyond!


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