Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Bad ...

I must be a bad mother. I must be a bad wife. Yes, that must be it.

When I tell you my plans for Sunday night, you might agree.
You see, I love and adore my children. I love them with my whole being.
And I love and adore my husband, with every ounce of love that I've got.

But, I'm counting down
the days . . . the hours . . . the minutes . . . the seconds . . . for Sunday night.

You see, PG is out of town until the 19th.
And Sunday night, Ellie and Katie are going to sleep over at their dearest Auntie and Uncles house (praise the Lord!)

And me? Well, I have . . . a date.

Yes, I do.
A date, with this ...
and this ...
and maybe even a little of this ...

All by my lonesome.
And I can't stop thinking about it, or talking about it, or dreaming about it.
I mean . . . it's what is keeping me going this crazy busy week.

I mean, look at it again . . . doesn't it look like the perfect way to spend an evening alone?
Is it wrong that I am looking forward to a night alone?
Is it wrong that I am looking forward to the kids going for a sleep over?
I'm sorry. I guess . . .  I am Bad.

So very very bad . . . 
and that is SO GOOD!

Care to join me? 


  1. Absolutely not! That's what a call an excellent night!

  2. That sounds like the best "me" time ever! Indulge yourself! I firmly believe that the moms who take a little time out of being a wife, and mother, and employee, and all the other labels that get attached to a woman & spend a little "me" time wind up to be stronger women, stronger wives, just superwomen all around. Enjoy!

  3. God no! I would die if I didn't get time to myself every now and then. It is NECESSARY! Enjoy yourself, Leanne. You are going to have such a lovely time. x

  4. You go on with your bad self!!! I am so not hating on you for that. Sometimes we need a little time like that to recharge!

  5. I love nights like those!! Popcorn and a good old fashion chick flick, Yep, your not bad at all!! The girls are gonna love being the center of attention at their Aunties and Uncles house so as I see it, it's a win, win for everybody!!!

    Take a hot bath first, get into some comfy jammies then pop in the movie, oh and of course the corn!!


  6. I don't think you are bad at all. I wish I could join you. Have a great time.

  7. Sounds like a perfect date to me!!!!!!!

  8. Hmmmm.... gee that looks like a great night -- do you think I can sneak out of my house when CT, Katie, and Ellie are not looking and join you? ;) Only kidding - we're looking forward to our sleepover with the girls!

  9. I've heard bad reviews about that movie but if it's about your beloved Italy, it must be great. :-)

  10. Oh are not bad at all. Every mom/wife needs time to herself sometimes. And what an excellent way you have chosen to enjoy your time. The movie is EXCELLENT! I'm so excited for you and your alone time! You will come out of it refreshed and excited. Hugs! M

  11. You will have the perfect Sunday evening!!!!! And I'm pretty sure that's impossible be bad with such a good date!

  12. Perfect night!! I enjoy these kind of nights. They recharge me:) Enjoy!!!!

  13. OMG, LE-ANNE!!! stop feeling bad, you deserve it, and before your were PG's wife and the girls mom, you were....YOU! so be you when you can. i love all 3 of your choices...the movie was AWESOME! my sister-in-law and i watched it on friday afternoon, the day after thanksgiving. the guys played golf, we vegged....and we soooo loved it, you will too. we had popcorn wine tho, we thought it might make us too tired, being early afternoon, that came later!...
    have a most wonderful, wonderful evening!

  14. Sounds like bliss....and you deserve it, so just enjoy!

  15. In my most humble opinion...that makes you a good mommy!! A very good mommy, indeed!!


    You deserve it!

  16. I get three hours a week... Tuesday's are my "night off". And I look forward to it EVERY WEEK. An entire evening AT HOME in my jammies has me salivating.

    Yes, we love our kiddos. We love our hubbies. What we don't do (often enough) is love ourselves! YOU GO GIRL!

    No guilt! No more "bad mother, bad wife" talk... and if you keep posting this kind of stuff, you may never really get a night to yourself again, because I'M COMING OVER! ;)


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